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Unleash the untamed power of your Can-Am Ryker with the electrifying Can-Am Ryker HP - Horsepower Package! Elevate your riding experience to new heights as we introduce a performance upgrade that transcends all years and models of the Can-Am Ryker.

Behold the marvel that is the Treal Performance OG - Street Exhaust with the Silencer Baffle, delivering an exhilarating low-deep growl that roars to life when you hit that wide-open throttle. But that's not all – the package also includes the cutting-edge Treal Performance RAM Air Intake System, equipped with a weatherproof prefilter, ensuring an uninterrupted flow of air into the motor. Picture the symphony of power as you revel in the swooshing sound of air being drawn in.

Prepare for a staggering boost of 13 to 15 extra horsepower at the back tire, a performance enhancement validated not only on the streets but proven on the drag strip and dyno with real, jaw-dropping numbers. We at BLR TUNING, in collaboration with the esteemed Treal Performance, have etched our names in the annals of history by setting astonishing world records for naturally aspirated Can-Am Ryker with these game-changing parts.

Take your ride to the next level by complementing these power-packed upgrades with a range of additional options. Like a Dynojet PV4 or PV3 with custom tuning, NGK high-performance spark plugs, Dynojet Power Series CVT Belt, and fine-tune your clutch with Treal Performance's Clutch kit. Your journey to crafting the fastest and most powerful Can-Am Ryker just got a whole lot more thrilling. (All sold separately)

Rain or shine, this HP package has you covered. The exhaust with the baffle not only unleashes a powerful growl but also adds torque and a better throttle response. The RAM Air Intake System with prefilter ensures you can ride confidently, with rain and dust kept at bay. This intake system will have a massive improvement throughout the mid range and top end.

Don't settle for mediocrity – our HP package stands as the pinnacle of horsepower output in the market. Unlike cheaper alternatives that may fall short, our dyno-tested components guarantee actual horsepower and torque, elevating the performance of your Can-Am Ryker to unprecedented levels.

Embark on a journey of raw power, thrilling soundscapes, and unbeatable performance. The Can-Am Ryker HP - Horsepower Package is not just an upgrade; it's a symphony of speed and precision, propelling you into a realm where every ride is a pulse-pounding adventure. Elevate your Can-Am experience – because you deserve the absolute best!

FITS 2019 - 2024 CAN-AM RYKER - 600, 900 ACE, RALLY, SPORT

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