According to NGK, you should not use lubricant or anti-seize on their spark plugs. NGK says that lubricants can reduce frictional forces at the thread faces, which can lead to inaccurate torque charts and over-tightening.

However, some say that you can use a small amount of dielectrical grease on the spark plug wire boots to prevent arcing in wet conditions. You can also put a small amount of silicone dielectric grease on the upper part of the plug to prevent the coil boot or wire boot from gluing itself to the spark plug.

Here at BLR TUNING we pre-gap and double check our work before we put a seal on the box for each and every Spark plug that leaves our shop.

If you need a set of NGK SPARK PLUGS you can check out all that we carry here - https://www.blrtuning.co/search?q=NGK+SPARK+PLUGS&options%5Bprefix%5D=last

Here is our install video for the NGK SPARK PLUGS on the Can-Am Ryker - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_cIX_9CaIE